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A great day on the water…. Me and a buddy left the GYB around 6:15 this morning and headed to Hannas'. Set up on a spot which is between the island and Hannas' in about 5ft of water. This one area produced 2 keepers up to 20 inches, all caught on red/white BA. Fished that spot for about 30 minutes and decided to go to peppers, on the way we found some birds and that is when it got hot. These fish where chasing jumbo shrimp, in an area about ½ the size of a football field. I started throwing a top dog and never quit for about 40 minutes. With little wind this morning we stayed right on top of the fish. (Boxed 14) After the action slowed down we finally made it to peppers and made three drifts. Picked upped three more trout for the cooler and then the wind picked up and we headed in. We ended up one trout short of our limit.


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