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Left Eagle point at 6:00 and eased out to the ship channel over a reef. Fishing w/croaker, good tide, bait flippin.....first bait in the water before daylight.

Got an immediate hookup, only to pull in a large gafftop (@#&@&*#^@|). Proceeded to catch 6 of those in a row, so I headed up to around Marker 51. Picked up 1 trout @ 17" pretty quick, then nothing. Tide was dying off, so I Left there and ran up to Smith Point, and saw some birds working. Picked up 1 trout on a purlple/chart. bull minow, in about 8 ft. of water. Must not have kept up w/the school 'cause that was it.

Ran from there along Hodges, Little Hodges, and then up & over to Trinity Reef looking for birds. Didn't find any, but more bait flipping about 1 mile from Trinity Reef so I stopped and tossed the Bull Minow. Instant hookup on a about a 15" sand trout. Put him in the box w/ the speck for dinner. No more hits, after than. Ran from there along the channel back to Eagle point looking for more birds, but didn't find any.

Water in Trinity was tea colored, but there was plenty of bait across the channel on the Trinity Reef side. Didn't see much action in other boats anywhere else, or at the tables at Eagle Point. TPWD survey folks said it had been slow for everyone they check, with the execption of a few of the guides.
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