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E mail Mystery,,,,,Help

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I converted my e mail account as directed by an e mail from Comcast when they were ttransitiong all of the Time Warner users over to Comcast.

My new e mail adress works fine on both incoming and outgoing mail. The problem is with imbedded phots and or attachments...........I can receive any and everything sent to me ,can open and read it all but cannot forward any of it on to others. The text will go intact but thats it all other info shows up as an outline square with a small square inside and a red "X" with in that small square.

Whats the problemmmmmmmmmmm???????? Comcast Tech Support is stumped.

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Lot of things to try.

Rather than try and list them, just read here to see if one corrects the problem

Comcast Tech Support is stumped. Thats funny!
Thanks Bill,,,,,,,,,,,,,that URL took me right to the problem and it is fixed.

I should apply with Comcast Tech Support
From the experience I have had with them you would be the CEO in 6 weeks what a bunch of dips

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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