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An old man, in his upper 80's was on his death bed in the hospital with his wife of 60+ years beside him.

He pulled her closer and asked her to go look in the trunk of his car. She said OK and left. A few minutes later she came back, sat down and took his hand and said "I looked in there and I found 3 ears of corn and a large bag with maybe $30,000 in it. What does that mean?"

He said, "Remember when we got married I told you I would always be faithful to you but I broke that promise. Every time I was unfaithful I put an ear of corn in the trunk of the car."

She thought for a moment and said, "Well I suppose I can forgive you, only 3 times in 60+ years, but where did all the money come from?"

He said, "Well, every time I got a bushel of corn I sold it!"

She pulled the plug.
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