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Looking into getting a DVD burner for my computer and would like to know what you guys think is the better bang for the buck.. Just started looking and collecting information on them so anything is welcome.

OH one other, can I leave the CD burner I have now or will it be scraped? It's a Phillips brand and has served me well so far. Also have a regular CD drive so adding the DVD will equal 3 drives.....


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There are some good deals on DVD burners

at best buy. Watch the Sunday flyer, some start around $99.00, I have seen others listed as low as 79.00 at Circuit City. There is a software program called XCOPY that works well with the burners.

Now the 3 drives is a question to think about.
1. With a DVD Burner you can still burn CD's so if you wanted to take the CD Burner out and save for another day/computer that might be an idea. (My choice)
2. You could try and sell it, might get $10.00 from someone.
3. If you have the drive bay, you could go ahead and install it but remember to check you Power Supply and see how much a drain it will have. It might also reduce the life of your Power supply and that's not good. When burning DVD's, they do get HOT.

I would also take a look at your computer in it's current state. Most if not all DVD Burners require a minimun of 800mhz cpu. I don't know how new your computer is or any spec's but think about RAM, I like to have at least 512megs for a XP system.
This is just a few things off the top of my head.
Mess up a burned CD=50 cents gone
Mess up a burned DVD=$2.00 gone
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