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hello folks dont venture over here much. what can i do to save a few firearms that got iked in water a sludge for a few days before being retrieved. all i've had time to do to them so far is spray them down with wd-40[thats all i had].

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Can't help much with the question except total teardown then clean and oil, clean and oil.

For the future though...

My guns are kept in a fire proof safe but it's not waterproof.
Every time a hurricane has come close since Rita I have done this...Make up long bags from the Food Saver rolls. Slide your long guns in and pull a vacuum on them with the machine, then back in the safe. I take the bolts out of the bolt actions, the charging handles out of the semi auto shotguns and the scopes off and store them in large Zip lock bags...don't want to pull a vac on the scopes. The bags are marked with the guns "Name" and rolled up and saved for reuse.
For those that don't have a machine you could probably still use the wide Food saver rolls to make up extra long bags and just roll up and seal the ends with Duct tape. After the "Event" though I would take the guns out of the bag in case there is any moisture in them.

I have some that still have a good seal since Rita.


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As said, you'll need to completely tear the firearms down to the last screw and clean them. If not, you'll just have a useless piece of rusted junk...soon.

Good luck with it.

I like the idea of using the food saver to protect the guns Frank.


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Wash them first

I would disassemble to major components and soak all metal in warm soapy water in the bath tub. I would quickly wash the wood parts but not let them soak. I would rinse well and LET THE PARTS DRY. Then I would see whats what in terms of rust, etc. Only then would I spray with Rem oil or the like and reassemble.
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