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Drop Dead!

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They want Paul Hamm to return his gold medal. It's not his problem the judges screwed up. Hire better judges. He was declaired the winner, there is no mechanism to take the medal away. Now the Koreans say they will sue to get it back after saying they didn't want Hamm to give it back. It's time to just say no.
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If the Koreans want to get technical about it, Yang Tae-young's routine should have been scored two tenths lower than it was. He had an extra hold in his parallel bar routine that they didn't catch. So he should be happy with what he got. Paul Hamm's being brought into the whole situation when nothing was his fault. The FIG actually tried to send him a letter through the USOC asking that he give up the medal. But they won't do anything to fix the situation. The USOC read the letter before it ever got to Paul Hamm and told the FIG to basically stuff it. And the IOC said it won't intervene unless there is a clear case that there is tampering or unfair acts.
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