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Drop Dead!

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They want Paul Hamm to return his gold medal. It's not his problem the judges screwed up. Hire better judges. He was declaired the winner, there is no mechanism to take the medal away. Now the Koreans say they will sue to get it back after saying they didn't want Hamm to give it back. It's time to just say no.
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How did all the judges make the same mistake on the of degree of difficulty? They made a judgement based on the what they saw. I'm no expert on the judging, so I have to ask did these judges consult with each other, or were they given the difficulty rating? And just because the Koreans took their case to others, who's to say they didn't make a mistake?
Argo said:
I think he should switch medals also. and work it out with the silver metalist too.
So you think they should ruin the Olympic experience for two winners just for the sake of a crybaby loser?
They say it would show great sportsmanship for Hamm to give it up, well it would have shown greater sportsmanship for the crybaby Korean to have just accepted the judges ruling and kept his mouth shut.
Tall1fin said:
Its really simple the winner should have the Gold medal and thats that. If you didnt earn it then it really is meaningless to keep it. Be like me buying a huge marlin to hang on my wall and pretend that I actually caught it. Maybe nobody would know but I would.

Anyone seen integrity or honor around lately? Been missing for some time and hoping they will turn up again soon!
Hamm was declaired the winner. Then after the medal was awarded, and after the Korean accepted his medal, the Koreans protested. There was a period between the competition and the awards that it could have been protested and they didn't. The Koreans accepted the judging, then changed their mind.
This is nothing like your example, Hamm had nothing to do with the judging and was judged the winner. He didn't "buy" it. But now the Korean wants to steal it. No, the decision of the judges is final.
Smells kinda like a Russian basketball victory long ago. Keep giving them another shot till they make it.
The sad part of the whole thing is all this bickering between countries and no one will remember who won what a year from now.
Stuart said:
Hmm, kind of reminds of John Kerry and his medals he was awarded fair and square. Mmm right?

Now look what I've done. Probably get this thread moved to the "other" board. :D
Not sure how this can be associated with the Olympics, but since you throw it on the table. Yes, he was awarded his medals and now thirty years later some crybaby wants to protest.
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