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Drop Dead!

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They want Paul Hamm to return his gold medal. It's not his problem the judges screwed up. Hire better judges. He was declaired the winner, there is no mechanism to take the medal away. Now the Koreans say they will sue to get it back after saying they didn't want Hamm to give it back. It's time to just say no.
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Why not just give two medals

it has been done before. I just don't understand all the cr*p that went on before, the pay offs ects, how in the world do some people get picked to be judges. I watched the gym part (as I do every time), the floor, bars and the bench and I am amazed at the skill...then to have some poor judgement call. If every country sends their best, why can we not get the best judges. Maybe that could be an event in itself, two years before countries send in who they think will be quality judges, then have an event and score them. I don't know, but just glad I would not have to judge or pick a winner.
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