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Drop Dead!

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They want Paul Hamm to return his gold medal. It's not his problem the judges screwed up. Hire better judges. He was declaired the winner, there is no mechanism to take the medal away. Now the Koreans say they will sue to get it back after saying they didn't want Hamm to give it back. It's time to just say no.
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I agree and feel bad for the poor guy and all the **** he is having to endure. I hope all of this in no way taints his memory of this special moment in his life, but hard to imagine that it won't. My best hope is that he is back in four years and blows everyone else in the competition away.

I can't see for the life of me how all of these people who want to make adjustments to the scoring after the fact don't see what a pandora's box they would be opening up. Mistakes are made all the time and every one of them would all of a sudden become subject to question and review. It has to end sometime and the results have to be lived with.

Some people keep saying he should do the honorable thing and give up the gold. I think everyone else should do the the honorable thing and let this die and stop pressuring him (including the South Koreans and FIGA), like you said it's not his fault.
I agree, but who knows. The judging in gymnastics seems to complicated anyway...tenths...hundredths...thousandths...bonuses...deductions... In the end there is a process for appeals and you have to live with the result. You can't just keep fighting it until you get your way.

I agree that it is unfair for the other guy, and from what I understand the USOC was supporting South Korea's request for dual gold's until this letter from the FIGA. However, it has been pointed out that other things may have been missed that night, the South Korean is the one who pointed out that he was not given a deduction he should have received which would have caused him to get the same score he got, even with the increased start value.

I think this in turn led to some comments that Hamm may not have recieved enough deductions on the routine where he fell. All of this kind of leads to my point, where does it end. If you open one thing up to review then why not all of it.

Also who's to say that had the South Korean been given the correct score things would have played out the same? Maybe if he has the lead going into the final event he cracks under the pressure. I just think there are two many what if's.

Your probably right about if Hamm had given it back early in the week he would have been seen in a positive light. But I think it is wrong for anyone to make him feel like he is obligatied to return it, like you said none of us have ever been faced with that situation and should not judge him for his decision, thus we shouldn't look negatively upon him for not doing so.

If the situation was reversed and we the American's were causing this fuss, I think all the people in the US who say Hamm should give it back would be saying he deserved to win (of course most of those people are in the media and are apt to take the opposite side of anything to get a response.) But the rest of the world would probably also be frowning upon us pressing the issue as much as the South Korean's have and would call us sore losers.

In the end, it's gymnastic's (men's gynamistic's at that) and in a month I probably won't care about it again until they bring it up again in four years.

I feel bad for the S. Korean guy, but he has nothing to lose by protesting this forever. But you have to feel bad for Hamm as well cuz he's "damned if you, damned if you don't."
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