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doug pike

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did anyone else get a little tead off at last weeks outdoor section ole pike wrote last week about catching big trout. i've been reading his stuff for years and i've noticed one thing. he cant hold anything back. he tells the whole world everything. if i was schuppe i would be hot. telling the whole world how and where he caught his leading trout. that was unbelievable. and that aint the only time pike has done this. he does it all the time. especially about public hunting. its bad enuff to find a good spot to hunt , but when you find one he tells everyone. he writes some good stuff most of the time, but sometimes he goes to far, and this time along w/ a report he gave off a few years ago about some good duck hunts he has crossed the line.hes gone from writing a neat little story every week to just all out ruining a spot. i still cant believe he did that last week! unbelievable.
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DOn't get me started on old pike. He is a jerk, and i do not like to badmouth people. A few years ago i was working for an outfitter on the west side and we had a ton of guys out for dove hunting on this huge plot of land on opening day. Had all kinds of food and beverages for everyone. One of my other friends was working for a different outfitter down the road and they were skunked opening morning. He asked if Pike could join us for a shoot and some food. He showed up and shoot his limit in 2 hours, eat some food and had a few drinks. He did not even say thanks for the hunt or food. It was all free to him. But the pisser was his article the next day was about the other outfitter and how dove hunting can be hit or miss. Never mentioned us or the outfitter. Now that is downright tacky
sorry for the rant
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