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My neighbors and our family had garage sales this weekend. All went well and we sold a bunch of junk. Some of the leftovers were moved out to the curb so the junk fairy would take it away in the night. I put out 2 old Coleman stoves and some lawnmower wheels and that sort of stuff. My neighbor put out some crutches, a backboard, and one of those Resuscitation Annie Dolls. This Resuscitation Annie has blond hair, white teeth, and at first glance looks almost lifelike. Well just before sundown a fellow in a pickup truck stopped to have a look. He looked at that big case with the doll in it and curiosity got the best of him. He unsnapped the latches and the box fell open. This guy jumped about a foot straight up and took off. He wanted nothing to do with that dead white woman in that box. I wish I'd gotten a video of that.
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