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Officer Candelari was a USMC veteran and combat diver. His youngest Son is a current USMC and eldest son a Police Officer.

My name is Officer R. Childers. I am a 13 year veteran with the Pasadena Police Department. I am requesting assistance with the Citizens Police Academy’ Assist the Officer Benefit, (benefiting two Pasadena Police Officers and their families), on July 13, 2013, at The Pasadena Fair Grounds, (Campbell Hall), Noon-10PM.

Background Information:

As some of you may or may not know, the Pasadena Police Department recently lost an Officer and had another severely injured in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. The injured Officer is still in the Hospital in San Antonio having multiple surgeries each week.

On April 26, 2013, Officer Larry Candelari and Officer Mike Huffman, both 49-years old, pulled over on the side of I-10 to render aid to a vehicle that lost it’s trailer in a traffic accident. An approaching 18-wheeler was able to avoid the trailer, but tragically hit both Officers and multiple vehicles, including their personal vehicle.

Officer Larry Candelari was killed in the collision and his friend, Officer Mike Huffman, was severely injured.

Officer Huffman, was transported via Life Flight and arrived at the closest trauma Hospital, (in San Antonio), with multiple broken bones. Officer Huffman’s left leg was so severely injured that in order to save his life, the surgeons amputated his leg, below the knee. Officer Huffman required over 30 units of blood to survive.

Both Officers are well decorated in the Police Department and well liked in the community. Both were SWAT team members, both trained other agencies SWAT teams, and taught Active Shooter Courses all over the state to other Police Departments.

Sergeant Tamara Spencer, of the League City PD, said:
Officer Candelari was one of the best SWAT team members on Pasadena's force, and that Mike Huffman was "...the toughest cop she's met."
She said both were generous with their time, so it was no surprise that at the time of the 18-wheeler accident they had stopped to help someone in need.

Galveston Police Chief Henry Porretto said:
"When I started tactical and SWAT training as a police officer I would go to Pasadena and I met Huffman through Candaleri because they were buddies. "When I was a SWAT Team Leader those guys did just a phenomenal amount of work with us, and for us. It's hard to get to train with departments like Houston and Pasadena, but these guys were always willing to help. They were just solid guys."

Chief Henry Porretto cited Mike Huffman as an example of what he believes a police chief should be like.

"To say these guys are legends is fitting," Porretto said.

Help Needed:

I was wondering if anyone on this forum would be willing to donate hunting trips for auction. If you are able to assist with this benefit please contact me on this board or below.

Email [email protected]

Thank You,

Officer R. Childers #1088
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