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Thought I would forward….neat idea.

Subject: Hunters: Donation Opportunity

As everyone is aware, this season is so tough. Many of our kids are going home for Christmas break with little to no food. We have partnered up with Midway Meat Market (Katy, Texas) and WARM to help collect deer meat this holiday season. Midway as agreed to process, for FREE, any deer on behalf of WARM. You simply take the deer to Midway let them know it is a part of the Hunters for Hungry program and more specifically WARM and they will process the deer for FREE. They will then call WARM and WARM will get it to the citizens of Waller. This is such a wonderful opportunity and it is rare that one comes along that is completely FREE, except for the hunting tags, etc (but the odds are you were doing that anyway). Simply take your deer in, say Hunters for Hunger and I want it donated to WARM, nothing else required.

Please feel free to spread the word about the generosity of the Midway as well as the opportunity to help needy families. Anyone can donate their meat, it does not have to be a Waller employee.

Midway Location
5901 Highway Blvd Katy, TX 77494
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