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My experience with The Dolphin is essentially just as Earl has so well stated above. I did take a 60 hour trip once on the Dolphin and we were not allowed to get closer than 1 mile to Hoover Diana (It was Hoover or Boomvang). This was a rig safety issue at the time. Why The Dolphin didn't know ahead of time is beyond me, but none the less, the plan was to target tuna. Now this is where the Dolphins slow speed hurt it as we went to only one other deep water rig that was a temporary structure. Results, not much tuna. However, Captn Dean knows as many spots as anyone and he put us on a lot of fish, including the most incredible wide open large snapper fishing I have ever seen. Captn Dean vs Captn John, well, they both are excellent and know the gulf. These 2 guys know where the fish are and I never worry about that.

The Dolphin deckhands are good and they will hand off to anyone that wants the fish. I have no problem with this and I am glad that they offer handoffs.

I have never been on a Dolphin trip shorter than 60 hours.

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