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I would agree with CaptnC in regards to the FORTY hour trip - they might or might not go for the tuna at the spars and if they do it would be only one nite as their boat is slower.

However, their 60 hour trips ARE tuna trips and in my view very good ones. I've done 4 or 5 60 hours on the Dolphin - every one went to the spars for tuna and we caught tuna on every trip, yellowfin on all but one and of those trips I caught my yellowfin limit each time but once.

Some might disagree but I'd fish with Capt. Dean just as soon if not sooner than I'd fish with Capt. John on the Pelican. They will BOTH put you on fish. Now I do think you will likely get more AJ's with Capt. John as his boat is better prepared to fish with live bait and will do so. As mentioned, the boat is faster so that is something very big in their favor. It can fish the spars at nite then come inside during the day and hit the rigs for snapper/AJs and go back out to the spars again for the next nite - the Dolphin cannot do this. The Dolphin is easier to cast from, the deckhands do not fish as much and certainly don't hand off as much. The Dolphin has a galley and food while the Pelican does not. If you have a mind for snapper fishing, Capt. Dean has the best snapper hole out of Port Aransas and usually stops at it on his 60 hour trips. We are talking 2 day limits of quality snapper (5 to 15lbs) for 25 people (that is 200 snapper) in 30-45 minutes. The head deckhand on the Pelican (Loyd) made the comment on our recent trip that commercials had found and fished out the hole - I don't know if this is true or not as I haven't been on the Dolphin since and no one has posted a recent report on a 60 hour from her.

The deepwater tuna trips on the Pelican are all booked because they only run a few. Except for charters, they do not run tuna trips during snapper season. The Dolphin runs them year round - and you WILL get tuna on the 60 hour trips. Personally, I like the crew of the Dolphin better - mostly due to the excessive crew fishing and handoffs on the Pelican. I would fish either one again.


Captn C said:
My problem with them, Dolphin Docks, is they will talk a good story about taking you tuna fishing when you're on the phone, but don't hold your breath waiting to see a tuna. If you just want to catch fish they fine, but don't expect it to be a tuna trip unless you have a group and they agree to target them for you.

Thats why all the deep water trips are all booked at Deep Sea Head Quarters they plan to target tuna and everyone knows that.
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