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Put in at Dollar Point Marina around 4:00pm. More wind than I expected, went around to the flood gate and drifted, one keeper speck caught around sunken shrimp boat just to the right of the gate. Tried dollar point before the gate but it was pretty choppy so we moved. Decided to run over to mosquito island, started about 5;30pm drifting on the north end, caught 12 specks to 18" on shrimp under corks in 5-6' of water. Water was in good shape, but the wind didn't back off until just before dark. Mr. Reynolds at Dollar Point said, "there were some good trout caught on dollar in the am." First time to launch there, fairly easy getting in and out, good supply of shrimp, but when we left to go home, I had to get a running start to get up and over the levee, my little ranger 4 cyl. almost didn't have enough horses to get over. Anyway just good to be back on the water with my best friend fishing.
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