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Dogs in shelter have till Friday to live

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I just recieved this email from my niece and thought I would put it out there in case somebody needs a dog. If anybody is thinking about one please take one, lets save these dogs. Thanks !!!!!!

WOW....Montgomery County has 100 dogs that will be put down on Saturday if not adopted by Friday. There are some good ones in here if you can help or know someone who might need a dog, then please pass along. ThanksAttention Dog Lovers -- Please pass along

[url="http://picasaweb.google.com/MCASTreasures/MCASSecondChanceDogs#Montgomery"]http://picasaweb.google.com/MCASTreasures/MCASSecondChanceDogs#Montgomery[/url] Co. Animal Shelter. About 100 dogs which will be euthanized on Sat. morning if not adopted by Friday
They need to have a rescue sign on their kennel by Friday
night. Staff are there from 9-12 A.M. You can come by the shelter located at 8535 State Hwy 242 inConroe, Texas 77385 (phone number for MCAS is 936-442-7738) during that time or meet up with one of the volunteers in the afternoon. Please call me if you can help 281-465-0570 or 832-326-2468 cell. Thank you!!!! Maile Schuyler
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I hope the good folks up there .....

take these pups in. It'a a little far for us, but we'll give 'em a call anyway.

The Mongomery County folks did the same thing last weekend. They waited until Friday and then sent out e-mails claiming exactly the same thing your post stated. Either this is a repeat performance or they are using some questionable tactics or it is some kind of hoax (doubtful).

I hope all of these fine animals are saved and at the same time wonder how many dogs were euthanized last Saturday after a similar message. I kind of like a more honest approach instead of the "shock the public" cry out on the internet, especially since this is the second week in a row with exactly the same message. I received this e-mail 3 times today, so it should be pretty widespread. Lets go get those dogs. I'll do what I can. - Hevy
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