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bp fishin(kat-a-lac) said:
hunting dog, I live in Houston, but hunt on the Peeler ranch(s of Jourdanton). Since you are in that area you might know Shawn Griffin(dad is local warden), who trains, etc the dogs that we leave at the ranch, but he is too busy to take on more. I love to quail hunt, but occasionally will try to kill bambi or catch a tuna, etc.
Dunc, glad to see you got you new pup.I got another dog last week, which is the one that needs de-snaking and training. I'll be down tomorrow morning and take a look, then we are heading toward Boomvang.
Shawn is a real nice guy. I grew up with him in Cotulla. I guess he is diong a pretty good job at Macho Creek because he has been there a while. His dad Larry is retired now. He used to help Darwin Avant and my dad score at the Los Cazadores deer contest.
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