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Dog for Girlfriend

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Hey everyone,

I need some advice. I would like to get my girlfriend a dog for her place as an early christmas present. She lives alone and is going to school and I would like to get her a dog that will keep her company as well as protect her if something was ever to happen.
She is good with dogs and loves boxers. And we both like labs and german shepards.
Which dog would be a good choice for her situation?
Also, where should I look for finding a quality pup?

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I would not get a Boxer for a small area, they are way too hyper and like to jump all over and use their front legs, hence their name.

a smaller breed of dog if she's in a small area. If its a house with a yard then I'd suggest a GSD or a ROTT.

I've had rottweilers and they are great dogs and very protective. As with any working or herding breed they need good discipline and lots of ways to output their energy.
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I was asked what GSD meant.

Its short for German Shepard.
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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