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Dog for Girlfriend

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Hey everyone,

I need some advice. I would like to get my girlfriend a dog for her place as an early christmas present. She lives alone and is going to school and I would like to get her a dog that will keep her company as well as protect her if something was ever to happen.
She is good with dogs and loves boxers. And we both like labs and german shepards.
Which dog would be a good choice for her situation?
Also, where should I look for finding a quality pup?

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I'd be sure to ask her first. I think I'd just take her to the SPCA or similar shelter and let the dog choose her. My best dogs have all been "salvaged" mutts. Shepherd/Chow mix was my all time fovorite. A "surprise" dog may not be as well accepted as you may think, especially if she lives in an apartment. Check all the angles before strapping her with a dog that may be around longer than you.. (-:}
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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