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Man! It feels like we are growing gills around here. Rain, rain and more rain virtually every day. Far be it from me to complain though. We definitely needed the good flushing that we are getting. It makes me wonder if the sprouting of gills on all of us fishermen have caused us to become more attuned to our finned brethren. Sure seems that way with the quality and quantity of the recent catches.

Hot baits the past few days have been Pumpkinseed/chartreuse Saltwater Assassins, Dark Strawberry, Grape, Redman, and any dark colored Devil Eye we tied on, and of course the redfish still cannot leave the red/white Gambler Flappin' Shad alone.

Enjoyed some grinding in cool conditions the past couple of days. The winds have been very light in the mornings and only seems to pick up when there is a thunderstorm nearby. We have been fortunate enough to avoid the torrential downpours and have really been enjoying what mother nature has dished out.

Our topwater bite has been very sporadic and has forced us to go subsurface quickly each morning. But no one is complaining because we are hanging some good trout with a S-L-O-W retrieve around shallow rocks.

Mid-day usually finds us chasing redfish in shin deep water. This has been a very consistent pattern for me and my anglers this year and has shown no signs of letting up. You can kinda get a feel for it checking out these pics of Kyle as he tests the skinny waters for a big pull.

I had scheduled a day off to do a little labor on some duck blinds for the upcoming season but got a pleasant surprise when two friends Matt and Brad (GDO) decided to come down and help me out.

While I was on the water with customers, they whipped out a couple of well built blinds that look like they could last about as long as I want to duck hunt LOL

In fact, they had done things so well, that I just decided to skip the labor and go play. Turned out to be a good decision.

A beautiful dead calm morning greeted us and as we eased into the water, large rafts of nervous mullet were literally all around us. A couple of fragrant slicks popped up and it just felt like a great time to be here.

We started picking up trout early and often with most in the 17" - 20" range. Then Matt hung into one a little bigger. Big enough for a smile anyway.

A short time later, things got interesting as out of the corner of my eye, I saw Matt set back hard on something very solid. The Big Girl quickly made her way to the surface and let Matt know that this wasn't going to be easy. Lots of surface thrashing and tailwalks, foamy water and a very wet angler took center stage for a few harrowing minutes. Matt finally prevailed and this little beauty was the end result. After a couple of pics, she was released.


The bite slowed and we headed to our second stop picking up lots of fish but smaller in size. We enjoyed the steady action as the skies darkened to the west of us.

Brad managed the only keeper redfish of the day as we shifted to our shallow water mode. We only stayed a few minutes as the storms looked worse by the minute.

We raced the storms in and almost won as we finally got drenched just before the boat ramp. We headed directly to the house where my lab Rocksy still expected me to play with her despite the downpour outside.

Gotta admit, the kid in me wanted to go splash around in the rain as well so I dove in the pool and played with both of my dogs for a good 45 minutes in the driving rain.

Some day they will figure out a way to harness the energy of Labradors and solve all the worlds energy problems LOL.

Had a great time this week with good friends both old and new. Looking forward to the next "Adventure" in our little paradise by the water. Remember to practice conservation and just keep 5. Later, Aubrey
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