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Well, another summer has come and gone for me. New Orleans, Pass Christian, Pensacola, New York/New Jersey, and plenty of time on the Bayou with my dad. I enjoyed some wonderful times with family, and especially fishing with my dad. 3 family birthdays at Dragos Restaurant and Momma's cooking have not been kind to my waistline though. I've tried to be a millionaire, and seen the Adirondacks. I've cruised the blessed Bayou and seen old friends once lost to me. I've seen a quiet rebirth beginning in New Orleans, along the coast, and along the river. I've played with my new niece and nephew, and I've golfed a few links in Yankeeland. I've seen a couple sunsets that would put a tear in your eye, and a couple of thunderstorms that almost made me pee my pants. It has been a summer to remember indeed.

I sure miss my 2cool friends, and I miss my little house. So it was time to leave the family again and hit the road for Angleton. I've been on the computer so infrequently, it's tough to catch up with all the goings on here. So many triumphs and tragedies, I've been reading for hours and still have not caught up. I'd get home from fishing and want to post a report, but with 2 internet addicted women in the house, it's been darn near impossible. I actually had to do the dishes last night just to get on the net for a short time. It wasn't even my turn.

Things are going just fine in La. and on the Miss. Gulf Coast. It's not the same as it was before Katrina, but some things are just as good, or better than they were. The fishing has been very good. It's not as good as it was last summer when Dad and I would boat a limit of 50 trout in 2 hours and spend the rest of the day chasing reds. This summer we had to work a little harder and for some reason there are a huge amount of very large gafftops in with the trout. Things down in Empire and in other towns down along the river that had been wiped off the map by Katrina and Rita are really coming along. There are stores, gas stations, restaurants, and bait shops rebuilt. Marinas are being rebuilt as well, though not always for the better. Our marina in Empire (The Delta Marina) is back, but they no longer have a boat hoist (the only way to launch my dad's boat) and they do not plan to build one. Instead, they charge $10 to use the back down ramp. I think that's pretty steep when you used to pay that for a hoist launch and now you get bearing issues and a rusty trailer as a bonus. Ah well, I got used to ramps in Texas, but dad and I are both concerned about the future of the Ugly Mudda if all that is available are back down ramps.

We made 4 trips to Bayou Cook and did well every time. We never limited out on anything this summer, but it was still a wonderful experience, and at least I didn't have to spend hours upon hours cleaning fish. We averaged about 7 reds and 15-20 trout on these trips. We even made use of a rebuilt hotel in Empire to take a couple of 2 day trips. It sure isn't the same as having a camp on the water, but it was really nice.

On our last trip to Bayou Cook, we launched on the first morning and I put the motor in reverse to back away from the trailer, and instead, the boat went forward back onto the trailer. UH OH. I fiddled with it and dad and I figured it was a shift box problem. I was afraid he'd call off the trip. Dad is known in certain circles as, "Captain Chicken". He said, "You know, once I had a similar problem, but the boat would only go in reverse. THAT was a problem. At least this one goes forward. We've got the kicker motor if we have trouble. Let's go fishing." Man, was I happy. I'm so glad for that little motor, it gives us both a lot more confidence. Both days of the trip were great. We hit our usual spots and even discovered some newly eroded areas where the fish were kind to us.

After the trip, we took the Anudda Ugly Mudda to a shop on the way home in Belle Chasse, and it was indeed the shift box and a part was MISSING from my outboard as well. The mechanic said he couldn't understand how it ever worked properly. Now this mechanic is a real piece of work. He has a huge shop, perhaps 3,500 square feet, but he works outside under a beach umbrella. Why? Well, his shop is stacked to the rafters with billions of parts. It does not seem to be in any order whatsoever. You actually have to clear a path to get to his bathroom. Somehow, he walked in and found all the needed parts within 10 minutes. He replaced my shift cables, my shift box, and added the missing part, all for $300. Now it's not that I can easily afford this, but I was expecting much worse news. I wish this guy was living in Texas. He works on every kind of outboard but Suzukis. The best part is that Dad pulled out a check and paid for the whole bill. He said he reckoned all the yard work and the brick patio busting I had done this summer was worth exactly $300. What a guy.

The second best part is he had it ready for Dad and I to take a quick last trip this past Wednesday to Myrtle Grove. Myrtle Grove is a small town not so far down the river as we normally go, but we only had a half day to play with, so we thought we'd try a new place. The Anudda Ugly Mudda was in fine form as we had to travel some distance to get to salt water. We boated 3 nice reds and 2 HUGE sheepies in the few hours we had to fish. The sun began to hang low in the sky and as has become a tradition over the years, we declared, "Last Cast." Well, another funny thing about this summer has been my sudden propensity for catching a sting ray on my last cast. Well, you guessed it. The last 3 trips, that's what I got on my last cast. Some would argue it's better than catching nothing, but I don't like dealing with sting rays. It was dealt with and we enjoyed a long boat ride back to the ramp. As always, I reached over the center console and hugged my dad and said what I always do, "Hey Dad, thanks for buying the camp."

I never like leaving home, I miss it already, but it has been a wonderful summer and I have something to look forward to in a little camp on Titlum Tatlum Bayou. See you there KneeDeep&Sinkin'. - Sandy
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