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My father is looking for someone to extend his garage. He just bought a larger boat and wants to add a couple/few feet to his garage. He thinks it may require header work. Anyone here knowledgable in this area? He needs to have this done ASAP, as he gets the new boat in a week or so. He lives in the Champions area in the north side of town off FM1960. Thanks!

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George Peters

Hey Jeff,

Mikel has worked with a guy named George Peters and he really knows his stuff. It just so happens that he is not busy right now because his mother recently passed away and he had to move his father down from New York. His number is 281-460-3976. He normally stays pretty busy so I would jump on this quickly. He lives in Memorial Northwest.

Hope this helps,


BTW, the Trailblazer is grrrr-rate!
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