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Do I have a plan? Well, maybe...just maybe.

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I have been really missing out on a lot of fishing this year. It has been strange, to say the least. All my other lives have ganged up on me and I've had to keep the frishing thing on the back burner for most of the year. I just looked at the weather for the next few days and I think I have a plan.

I'm looking at going down to the beach (between access roads 5 and 6 Sunday afternoon and setting up camp for a night or two. Now I ain't callin' fer a full fledged gathering or anything on such short notice but I plan to be there at this point.

I'd love to have some company so if ya wanna drag yer then or rv on down we can have a cozy little beach thang. I'll post up-dates on my plans between now and then. If you think you can make it gimme a toot and PULLLL-EEEZE if you roll up on me after dark and start walkin' up to the tent flap, BE SURE and sing our yer name nice and loud so's I know who it is. :eek: :ac550: :biggrin:

I need this one really bad so unless the weather gets rough I pan to...git 'er done!
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CoolChange©© said:
Dang, Jack! I'm on a deadline for some paperwork that has to be in the mail no later than Monday. If I can gitrdone between tomorrow night and Sunday morning, I'll have a few days to recoup! I'll let you know! I just might show up! I know I need the break!

Glad to know I'm not the only one who waited until the last minute to do this. I just finished mine up and it was as painful as I expected but, thankfully, only 1/3 as painful as last year.
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