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W/ the Dike closed and now live near the DC, I will be able to learn more about West Bay. From 2nd St. launch, it's about 6.5 miles to the entrance and I have heard it's a little narrow getting to the ICW from it's entrance. Since the storm, I feel this area has been changed. Anyone know for sure? Do and don'ts out there. Debris? Will be off for a few days next week and want to make my first trip to West Bay via the DC. I may want to check on the flatfish situation somewhere. thanx for any info

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One thing to watch for in Trinity River entrance into Trinity Bay is they have temp. markers, more like long sticks with colored flags hanging off them. Very easy to get out of the cahnnel and stick your rig in the muck.
Tough to see while running out of Trinity.
Stay in the boats around the river entrance towards the boat ramp at Anahuac Park, it's full of gators and big one at that. Saw them first hand Sat. morning.
I even saw some waders in a spot where a 5-6 footer was swimming back towards the river close to Anahuac Pocket.
And one 12' at least about have way up from the mouth of the river to the boat ramp.
Now that's crazy.

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be careful if you explore around the diversonary...there is a place called the gar hole (if you know the diversonary, you will know where this is)...on the way to the hole are three beach houses...one houses a physcopath...he came out threating me and my friends on saturday. He seems to think the waterway is his property and that we are under martial law...he told me I couldnt be back there.

to avoid confrontation, I left...but he ended up calling the police and they met us at the ramp
After being checked out and us explaining ourselfs, the cops let us on our way...but they said he told them he was ready to pull out his .44 magnum on us. The cops also said that we needed to be careful because they have had issues with this guy before (joe horn type situations)
I always have a small arsenal on my boat when i go out in the marsh, It could of been a very bad situation if he pulled that gun on us...
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