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Did I Miss Something?

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Okay, even after swearing off Bass Pro for bad customer service I found myself there this evening buying some more arrows. Been practicing hard and lost a couple and some of the others are looking pretty rough. (Mostly the fletching from shooting to deep into my cube.)

Anyway, went to the archery counter to get the arrows cut and there was a huge line up. People buying bows! People buying releases! People buying bows for their kids! Lots of kids getting measured for their first bows!

So opening weekend is this weekend right?

Could be me. Promised my nine year old a .243 Youth Rifle this season. Sure we can take it to the ranch and practice. Next year we may try for his first deer.
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Gives us a bad name

I worked in a proshop years ago and you would not believe the people who don't fire a shot all year and go into the wood opening weekend. Sad...
Maybe they just wanted an upgrade before season, to kind of kick things off right? Who says the kids haven't been practicing all summer long with an old bow?
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