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Did everyone have a memorable weekend?

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Important people want to know.
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It really was very quiet ....

I think the boys were worn out from the birthday weekend.

Florida has been exceptionally warm over the last couple of weeks. As a matter of fact we've been breaking some heat records. Sadly we need rain badly and some of our wetlands are drying up and we have to be very careful to not accidently set fires. They keep springing up.

Of course the hurricane experts are now saying that the record dry and hot weather is just the sort of climate that sets us up for major hurricanes. But, you know what? I've lived here since the mid fifties and EVERY year when the Hurricane Season officially starts it never starts with "this looks like a normal hurricane season, nothing different". It always starts with some doomsday possibility.

And, JettyJumper, I just realized that Fishman and others were headed for Hatteras to fish this past weekend. The storm news from that area has been very bad. I communicated with Bubba to make sure they were OK in West by God Virgineeah. I sent him an email and received a response that they were doing OK with a few losses to water. That was 2 days ago. I better put out a holler.

Oh, yes. I went to see a specialist that my doctor sent me to yesterday in hopes a way can be found to lighten the 24-7 of pain from the Spinal Stenosis. He and I started out pacing one another. For some reason he gets my cackles up. I have to think about it. He wants to do a procedure on my spine that I would liken to putting a rotor router up the center of the inside of the spine.

He's an Anestheseologist (sp?) who has a "Pain Center". He wants to repeat all of the injections into the spine that I had already been through three times. They were done at the Pain Center in Baptist Hospital. They did absolutely nothing for me. So he proposes to into and up the center of the spine to clear a path for the injections.

Something tells me not to do it. So, I must research the procedure to learn what I can, pray about it and make a decision.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Thanks for asking me JettyJumper!

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