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my moms looking to get a new tahoe and ive ran across a 06 she likes.. She does not want a 07 because of the body change but the 06 here is a demo car that was driven by the owners wife.. Heres my question the adjusted msrp is 47k. she dont want the Dealer Added 20" rims so he took 2k off of it. So that brings it to 45k. He said he would do it for 40500. plus chevy has a 5k rebate.so it comes to 38k drive out.. my question is... since it has 8k miles on it shouldnt they ask less for it since its used? They guy told me know cause it was never titled.. any car dealers out there that can explain this to me?

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My wifes boss just got an 07 from Monument Chev where wishingforfishing works today for alot less than what you are talking about. She is friends with Carrol Smith the owner but I think your price for the 06 is a little high.

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> VIN: 1GNEC13T06R104282
> Adjusted MSRP: $47,170
> Color1: 63U Sport Red Metallic Exterior Color
> Trim: 522 Leather Interior Trim, Tan
> Package: 1SM Option Package
> Engine: 5.3l Vortec
> Trans: M30 Transmission, 4-Speed Automatic
> Other: 1SZ Option Package Discount
> AG1 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power (Driver\'s Side)
> AJ1 Glass: Deep Tinted
> AL4 Center Bucket Seat
> AN3 Seats: Front, Full Feature Bucket
> AP9 Cargo Net
> AS3 Seat, Rear - Bench 3rd Row
> AU0 Keyless Entry, Remote
> B30 Floor Covering: Color Keyed Carpet with Floor Mats
> B58 Floor Mats Frt & Rr, Carpeted Insert
> B71 Wheel Flares
> B85 Moldings, Bright Body Side
> BVE Assist Steps
> C36 Auxiliary Rear Heater
> C49 Defogger, Rear Window, Electric
> C5U GVW Rating 6800 Lbs
> CF5 Sun Roof, Electric Sliding
> CJ2 Climate Control, Electronic - Multi-zone
> DF5 Mirror I/S R/V-Lt Sens-Compass/Temp
> DL3 Mirrors, O/S Power, Heated, Pwr Folding, Turn Indicator
> DT4 Smoker\'s Package
> E52 Liftgate with Wiper/Washer
> GU5 Rear Axle 3.23 Ratio
> JF4 Pedals Adjustable, Power
> JL4 Stabilitrak - Stability Control
> K34 Cruise Control
> KNP Transmission Cooling System
> P25 Dealer Added Wheels, 20" Aluminum, Polished Cast
> PCR Sun, Sound and Entertainment Package (Power Sunroof, Bose
> Speakers/6CD Changer and DVD/TV)
> PDC Cargo Package
> QAS Tires: Dealer Added 20"
> SAF Lock, Spare Tire
> SLT LT Sales Package
> T96 Fog Lamps, Front
> U2K Satellite, XM Radio Digital Sound System (subscription)
> U42 Entertainment System, Rear Seat ( DVD/TV)
> UC6 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, 6-disc CD, Bose speakers
> UE1 OnStar Communication System
> UK3 Redundant Radio Controls/Message Center-Steering Wheel
> UK6 Rear Seat Audio Control
> V1K Bar, Luggage Carrier Center Cross
> V22 Grille, Chrome Deluxe
> V54 Luggage Carrier Roof, Black
> VB3 Bumper: Rear Chrome Step
> VCL Clean Fuel Emissions
> YE9 Trim Level: Convenience Pkg Comfort & Decor
> Z82 Trailering Package
> ZM9 Convenience Package
> ZW7 Suspension Package: Smooth Ride
> ZY1 Solid Paint Application

thats what the guy sent me.. its fully loaded the only thing missing is a navigation system

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It's still a chevy, and the bottom line is that it will be missing 8,000 miles of the warranty. If you really like it and feel the price is fair, have them throw in a GM (not 3rd party) extended warranty. Cars aren't like boats and motors. Usually, that odometer is what will end a warranty, not the time from when it was bought.

It's still a chevy...LOL!

Take care,

IMO, wait to hear from Wishin4Fishin. If I ever go loco and want a chevy, he's who I'd call.

on edit: I just noticed how high that rear axel ratio is. That thing won't have a whole lot of get up and go with that tall of a gear set. Also don't try to tow a lot with it. On an up note, it should get decent mileage on the highway.

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This is for my mom. not me.. if my parents need to pull anything they have a 04 powerjoke... I dont know what my dad was thinking when he got a ford.. must of been loco LOL atleast he got the extended warrenty, and yes he has used it already..

on a side note she said shes not paying 40k for a chevy. If not I guess we will be at the lexus dealership again.

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speckle-catcher said:
3.23 is a high ratio?

I thought normal high end rear end ratios were around 4.10 with low end ones being around 3.73 ??
Just the reverse, a "low" gear is high numerically and "high" is low numerically.

Berto, the 'Adjusted MSRP' will buy you a very nicely equipped 07 Yukon/Tahoe without 8k miles, if you shop around. If she loves the car, go with it, but I recommend some research, as already advised by others.


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yeah i think we are going to pass on it. Me and my dad have spent all day today looking at the lexus SUV today.. pretty sure thats what shes going to end up getting

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TimOub007 said:
It's still a chevy, and the bottom line is that it will be missing 8,000 miles of the warranty..
Absolutely not so! Since this vehicle has never been titled, the warranty is still the same as with 0 miles. Just add the 8000 to the end. 2yr/24,000 miles turns into 2yr/32,000 miles. Thats 2 yrs from the date a customer buys it!

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bait and switch

Demo's suck.
They always say they are a great deal.
Then you try to negotiate and they start the

"It's a new car" BS

Usually it's over optioned so the sticker is stupid too.
Top end alot of the time.
IMO, good luck

As a drive around in a custom regency package.
I like the rims. LOL

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My neighbors just bought an 07 Tahoe for 38K out the door. It's not fully loaded, but close. You've got to be seriously joking if the dealer wants you to pay that for an 06 with 8K miles.
Let's do the math:

06 Tahoe MSRP 47000.00
Dealer can drop minimum of <5000.00> if they wanted.
Wear and tear / mileage reduction <7000.00>
I'd pay no more than 35000 tops.

Even that figure seems high to me. I don't remember ever seeing a loaded Tahoe with a sticker price of 47K though. That already sounds outrageous.

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hmmmmm.....not sure whether to chime in or not on this one. IF and I mean IF the 06 were put into demo service, the 3yr/36k warranty starts on the day it was put in service. If that was 12/05 then the warranty would run til 12/08 or 36k, whichever comes first.

Fact, technically, it's still a new vehicle because it's never been titled. If it had been titled, it would be used and would not qualify for any manufacturer rebates.

Demo's today are not like they were 10 yrs. ago. Dealers no longer get any credits from the manufacturer. So, they still own them for the same amount as before they put miles on them. Personally, I would be willing to sell one at less profit than one with no miles. One thing to be careful about are dealers that tell you a very low mileage used car is a "demo". That is not the norm but there are some of them out there.

Not sure where chuey is coming up with 7k discount for 8k in miles though. At that clip the Tahoe would be free if it gets 50k miles on it, lol.

berto, if I can be of anymore assistance, please give me a call. The new 07's are really nice.


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I agree the 07's look nice. I've got a 95 that I will keep for a while longer. It has been a very dependable truck and I wouldn't trade the upkeep maintenance for a new truck note unless I had no other choice. Chevy has been very, very good to me.
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