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deer hunting

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I was wandering if anybody knew of any opening's on a deer lease. Me and the family would like to spend some time in the woods this season, since this may be the last time my grandfather may get to go. There will be about 6 of us. Within a 4 hour drive from Houston would be nice, but not manditory.

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Well, I got a deer lease. about a hour from the house. Well my next question is there are no deer stands and no feeders, on our property. What is a good deer stand to buy, and how much is a feeder going to cost. We are going to buy about 3 or 4 of them. If any of you all have any you want to get rid of, I would be interested in buying them.
You can get a decent feeder from Walmart or Academy for about $100 - 120 ea.

If you want to keep it cheap you can also buy 5-7 gallon bucket feeders too. These are mobile and are alot more affordable. The con is that you would have to fill them up alot more.
Deer Stands on the other hand are very expensive. It is usually cheaper to build them yourselves. Do you have a flat low boy trailer? If you do these are very handy in making and installing stands.

The cheapest and easiest stand to make are ground box blinds. You can build one with

4ea. 4'x8' Plywood Board.
4ea. 4"x4" x 8' (or 2"x4" depending on how you want to build it.)
1ea. Heavy duty Waterproof OSB 4'x8' Board.
5ea. 2"x4" for Bracing.

Be sure to pitch the roof and dont forget the door! Also it is good to have the chair that will be used to be in place before you pick the level your windows will be at. You can do all kind of tricks like window props or using a string to open them.
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I would build your stands. The costs to buy them are ridiculous. As far as feeders, don't go with cheap. They are exactly that, and you'll be replacing them in a year or two. There is a couple of old retired guys in Houston that have a place called Texas Outdoor Feeder Supply (I think that's the name) on Hempstead Hwy. They have reasonable prices and all the quality products.
A good way to get stands at an affordable price is to use pop-up ground blinds. They give you the comfort and hiding ability of a box blind but cost less than $100 in most cases...that or use a tripod.
Good point dbar6488 Academy and Walmart have them. The cheapest one I saw at academy was $59.00. I wouldnt pay more than $100 though.

Another cheap way is to buy some big stakes or t-posts and use that camo roll stuff and just dress a blind on the ground. It wont a have a roof though.
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