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March 17, 2015

Deeper Fishfinder Portable Wireless Sonar

by 2cool Staff

Here's a special announcement from 2cool sponsor Deeper Fishfinder:

Lots of anglers have been wondering when those who develop apps and innovative devices would come out with a gadget concerning sonars and flashers. There's no secret that most of us have our smartphones while fishing, so why pay extra for the display and touch screen monitor control when you already own one? Deeper Fishfinder team realized that and developed a small, tennis ball size device that floats on the water, scans everything under the surface and sends all of the data to your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth from up to 150ft/ 45 meters.

With the weight of only 0.22lb and 2.6 in. diameter, Deeper is smaller and lighter than any other traditional sonar. It was specially designed to fit into your tackle box, so you could take your personal sonar anywhere you go and use it in places most sonars can't, like from kayak, small boat, shore, or dock. Bluetooth connection enables lower battery consumptions and no cellular data required for the device to operate, so you can use Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet while fishing.

Deeper sonar innovative Smart Imaging technology gives detailed and crystal clear images of underwater objects, fish targets, bottom contour and structure straight to your smartphone or tablet. Integrated dual beam technology allows you to scan the bottom in both - wide coverage - 90 kHz (55°) and narrow, excellent for ice fishing - 290 kHz (15°) radius. Wide beam provides ample search area for fish, bait fish and structure while precise narrow beam gives high accuracy returns of fish, structures, detail and bottom profile.

This tiny and light, but highly firm device maintains superior performance even down to -4 Fahrenheit temperature. Deeper with its extremely durable case, a built in Bluetooth antenna for long distances, rechargeable, long life, high-capacity lithium polymer battery and a special weather resistant and battery protecting foam was specially designed to withstand the worst weather conditions.

In order to use the device, you just have to download a free Deeper Fishfinder mobile application that you can find on App Store or Google Play. Deeper team believes that fishing is all about having good time. That's why Deeper app was designed to improve your fishing experience with easy to use tools and fast operations including GPS , fishing calendar, up-to-date weather reports, data history, fishing log and much more. Leave all of the hard work of collecting necessary information from different places and using hard to understand functions. With Deeper app you can enjoy fast, useful, automatically gathered and conveniently presented data in one application.

We all know that technology moves rapidly and sonar technology is not an exception. Convenient Deeper sonar updates is one of the greatest advantages that this gadget has. You can easily update your device on the go through the Deeper mobile application. You'll get all of the newest features and best performance from your sonar by keeping it up to date with the latest software. Deeper team believes that versatility is the key to success and with Deeper Smart sonar it is exactly what you get. Download the latest 3.0 software update, switch Ice fishing mode on and use your Deeper as a flasher. See your lure, prey, bottom, depth, water temperature and more with an amazing clarity on your smartphone or tablet.

Reach and discover with Deeper Smart sonar as there's always more water to explore and bigger fish to catch.

You can find more information about this innovative device on the official Deeper website: www.buydeeper.com

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