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Went down to the cabin from 07-27 thru 07-29. Got there right after noon and man was it a steamer. Set everything up kicked on the a/c then went and caught some bait. The gents that were with me got a trip that I donated for a cancer benefit. That afternoon we drifted back in the nine mile hole and caught a couple of boxer reds and a few dinks, No oversize were caught. We were using live finger mullet freelined under a alameda popping cork. A few school trout were boated and released. Night came to quick it seemed, and the smell of T-bones on the BBQ grill filled the evening air.
We fired the green light up and watched a beautiful texas gulfcoast sunset as we adourned our tastebuds with salad, twice baked potatoes and of course the T-bones with all the trimm'ins. The fish started showing up with a vengence. The trout were chas'in bait all over the place, it kinda sounded like a kingfish feed'in freenzy offshore. Lots of bait shrimp under the lights. We were using glow in the dark speck rigs, the "killer lure" and glow in the dark catch 2000 suspended lure and they were just hammer'in them. We ended up with approx 40 to 50 trouts and a couple of reds. The gamewarden payed a nice proffesional visit and stated that they were
"just about the only fish he had seen recently that anyone else has caught". There has been a large influx of fresh h2o into the area and changed up the fishing pattern to more like winter time. Here are some pics.

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