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My letter to Billy after fishing with my new spiral rod

The answer to the Spiral wrap is NO ROD TWIST...... Kudos to BillyStiX from Texas! I arrived home from work to find a long package from Florida leaning against my boat in the driveway. My heart started thumping fast as I commenced to break into the indestructible packaging. It seemed like hours went by before I was able to reveal the most perfect cork butt I’ve ever seen. I ran my fingers over the flawless cork and gently pulled the reel seat and first wrappings into view, the graphics and lettering made me weak in the knees. With nimble fingers I held my new custom creation into the sunlight and the glitter under the glassy smooth clear coat was breathtaking. I grasped her butt ever so loving and gave it a firm shake, her medium action and fast tip sprang to life. At this point, I knew, I now owned a masterpiece. I had about a dozen reels clean and ready to go, but I decided this fine work of art deserved a Virgin. Next day I purchased a shiny new Shimano Calcutta 250 and spooled up with 14lb Trilene, got home and firmly screwed it down on the Stix, this made a match like peanuts in your coke. The suspense was killing me so I planned a short trip to a local spot where I always land a few fish. After a short boat ride, I rigged up with a frisky live shrimp and cast without effort into the deep gut 75’ to the west. Within seconds the shrimp was inhaled and the hook set was firm and crisp, the fish made a run south out of the gut into 1’ of water showing her golden back and spot, as line peeled off the Calcutta, with the reel seat cradled in my open palm. I had to thumb the spool and bow the Stix like a question mark to turn the Redfish as she was heading for a steel pipe protruding from the water yet the backbone of the Stix was amazing with absolutely no rod twist and it turned the fish like a corkscrew to bring her on in to net. I caught a larger Redfish shortly after, but I will never forget the first one on my new BillyStiX Spiral Rod !!! Thank you from Texas Billy McDaniel!
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