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daiwa saltist 20 LD rebuild - 12/29/09

ok, guys. settle down into a nice comfy chair and grab a cup of coffee or a drink. this is gonna be a long one. here's the new daiwa saltist lever drag 20.

you know the drill by now. we are going to grease the drag washer, clean and lube the spool bearings, pack all of the non-spool bearings with grease, spread a little grease around the non-exposed metal surfaces and grease the screws. i checked this reel and got 35 seconds of freespool.

the reel includes a clamp and a spanner wrench for the handle grip. we're not going to mess with the handle grip, so we'll set the spanner wrench aside but we'll need the clamp.

a quick scan of the schematic reveals a pretty standard design and one possible problem. i see a single anti-reverse roller bearing and a single ambassaduer-style dog.

there are four right side plate screws (key #38). they all come out.

well, that was easy enough.

hmmmm. dry as a bone. an old toothbrush with a little grease will fix this.

back out the pair of frame plate screws (key #10), add a bead of grease and zip them back in.

grease the clamp bolts (key #66) and install them.

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