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Check out DaHo's new Reverse Latch Needle

Our newest line of needle products are DaHo Reverse Latch Splicing Needles. The design for these products came from Jerry Brown, a pioneer in the development of hollow spectra fishing lines. We appreciate his design as this product brings some unique features and ease of use characteristics that we try to provide in all our products. Below is a picture showing the ends of the new DaHo Reverse Latch Needle in detail:

In the past, one of the first tools available to work with hollow lines were latch needles that originally came from fabric knitting machines. They are still used today, but as the line materials have evolved, having much smaller fibers, trying to feed the latch needles into the new spectra lines tends to damage their fibers. The main reason for their use was that they have a latch mechanism that can be opened, releasing a line that was being used to complete the task, such as making a loop.

Many of the loop creation and splicing techniques require that a line be released by the tool, while it is threaded up another line. Normal loop splicing needles will not work in these situations. In those types of operations, our DaHo Reverse Latch Splicing Needles allow the latch to open, releasing the held line, when needed. Also, since they are now attached to our threading needle, you never have to feed the latch in to the hollow spectra line. With our Reverse Latch needle, the latch is always the trailing end of the tool.

Set of 2 needles, designed to cover 60lb - 300lb hollow spectra sells for $35.00. As you may know I have always used a piece of wire to make splices and end loops, but this tool has changed all that.

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