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I have decided it would be best to find a new home for some of my photo gear that I'm no longer using. I want to sell this as a "package" rather than each item individually. This would be the perfect way to get into digital photography (SLR) and get everything you need to get started. I'm selling the following items:

Nikon D100 - this camera is basically the same as a D70 (although older) but was designed as a "prosumer" body and has a few more "pro" features. The most notable is the METAL body instead of plastic. All accessories are included - battery, charger, instruction manual, all original packaging, etc.

Nikon MB-D100 (grip) - can hold two batteries instead of one, includes AA battery adapter, vertical shooting controls (shutter release and both command dials), voice recording, Nikon 10-pin connector. This can be removed if you don't want to use it, but it comes in really handy!

Nikon AF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 ED DX lens - good wide-angle lens. Almost never been used! Comes with original manual and both lens caps

Nikon SB-50DX flash - cool flash unit that allows you to drop a diffuser in front of the on-camera flash for main and then bounce this flash off the ceiling for fill OR just use this flash alone. The unit can also be fired as a slave unit for fill, trigered by the on-camera flash or another strobe. Supports D-TTL. Comes with padded bag and original manual.

3 compact flash cards - (2)256Mb cards that hold approx 72 full-size jpegs each and (1)128Mb card that holds approx. 32 jpegs. Various speeds - one of the 256's is a Lexar Pro 80x card

Tokina 500mm Reflex lens w/case and filters - this is a little bit more of a novelty lens because you have to shoot manual focus and manual exposure. It has a fixed aperture of f8. Comes with 3 filters - UV, Skylight, and Polarizer. This also comes with a hard case for the lens and a pouch for the filters.

I have used this camera for "professional" shoots ranging from weddings, model auditions for Stuff/Maxim Magazine, corporate events, etc. Everything is is great condition and has been well-cared for. The D100 has about 15-20k shutter cycles, the flash has little use on it, and the Nikon lens is virtually brand new. I have instruction manuals for everything except the Tokina lens and all of the original packaging for the camera and the flash.

New, this was about $2500 worth of gear. I'm asking $1k for everything. You can have the camera, grip, 2 lenses, 3 memory cards, and a flash for the price of a new D70 with no accessories! This is the perfect opportunity to get into digital photography with a 6.1 megapixel camera at a fraction of the cost. I've printed up to 11x14" prints with this camera and had excellent results. With a little work in photoshop, you can print larger sizes easily.

I'm asking $1000 for the package - cash, money order or cashier's check only. I've had problems with personal checks in the past, so that is why I'm not accepting them. I'll be happy to answer questions or send you full-size photos from this camera - just PM me. I'll post photos of the gear and sample pics soon.

If you are wondering, I'm only selling this camera because I have upgraded to the D2X and pro lenses. This camera has been great to me, but I just don't use it anymore and don't have an immediate need for a second body. I truly love this camera but can't really see keeping it around if I'm not using it.

Photos coming soon, PM me with questions.

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