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Ok, we got the charter final crew in place. We talked to those that expressed an interest and those that wanted to join.
We got a few things to get going on to make this trip a success.
  1. The CTFB charter will be posted on the 2cool and 360tuna.com fishing forums only. We are consolidating where to get updated information, and post information and questions. We won't be running around 5-6 forums looking for replies. The TFF has Cinco tuna as well and we don't want to mix these threads too much.
  2. We need emails from the group going. If someone is responsible for a group, such as Bellyup, and jt2hunt, then either make sure our information gets to the group you are responsible for, or give them our email: [email protected] and make sure they know we'll need quick repsonse to the our emails. 35 people make up this group and everyone of them is equally important.
  3. We have email addresses for Bellyup, minnows, mike inwoodlands, snagged, mystery guest, alw, galveston1602, Cat O'Lies, Wahoo-Yahoo, firstboatboy, jeffK, Stxfisherman, DBG, and starshine. We need email addresses from mudskipper, T3, Skawlded Dog, and from anyone of the multiple party group that would like to see emails directly from us. This is very important to make sure information is sent out quickly and we get responses back in a timely manner.
  4. We will be doing charter specific information and questions through emails, and general information, suggestions, and questions regarding tuna or other deep water fishing is perfectly fine being posted on 2cool and 360tuna threads. What this means is contact us directly with charter specific needs. General stuff can be posted just fine. We may not see a post for a few days, but a call or email will be seen by someone here that day and most of time immediately.
  5. Y'all have less than three months until the trip, so we need to get stuff answered and lined up. This stuff will be done by email as we just don't have much time. The email information will be flowing fast and furious starting on Friday June 23rd, 2006.
  6. There has been suggestions to change the name of the trip from CTFB Big E trip to something else. We are fine with that, we just need a name change that everyone is cool with, and yes you can post a suggestion. We are partial to Texas Bluewater Blowout '06 or Texas Bluewater Blowup '06. But we are fine with other suggestions.
  7. Not to harp too much, but email or call us at (210) 215-3877, PM's and posting may not get you answered for a long time.
Hope folks will follow our requests to make this trip a success.
his is the current list of people going. We will make name changes in afew days to identify the specific people.
BTW, ask for Willie if you call. That's me.

CTFBC Big E 52 hour trip 2006

September 15-17th, 2006

  1. Deep Blue Gulf- $350
  2. starshine -$350
  3. Bellyup- $350
  4. Bellyup- $350
  5. Bellyup- $350
  6. Bellyup- $350
  7. Bellyup- $350
  8. Bellyup- $350
  9. Bellyup- $350
  10. mike in woodlands-$300
  11. mike in woodlands-$300
  12. T3-$300
  13. T3-$300
  14. T3-$300
  15. Skawlded Dog- $300
  16. StxFisherman-$338
  17. Mudskipper-$585
  18. Mudskipper-$585
  19. jt2hunt-$350
  20. jt2hunt-$350
  21. jt2hunt-$350
  22. jt2hunt-$350
  23. Minnows-$500
  24. RueHoo-$500
  25. Mystery Guest-$360
  26. Cat O' Lies- $350
  27. Cat O' Lies-$350
  28. alw-$300
  29. alw-$300
  30. ghenderson -$388.33
  31. ghendrson-$388.33
  32. ghenderson-$388.33
  33. Wahoo-Yahoo- yes
  34. Galveston1602-yes
  35. Snagged -yes

Wahoo-Yahoo buddy
Charlene K
Robert T

As always, if you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call us (210) 215-3877 anytime.

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Shame on me for even thinking about this, but has anyone thought about or talked to Elliotts about a back-up date, just in case of weather problems.
FOR CTFB OR CINCO. I know, at present The Big E is empty all of Dec.
Thanks, John (shutup)

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It's hard to get two people to agree on a radio station, I don't even want to think about that!

I know, at present The Big E is empty all of Dec.
Thanks, John (shutup)
December is great-big-deer month. I'll fish in January

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Hey, nobody wants to make suggestions or ask questions?

Here is a few:
Name change: how about Texas Bluewater Blowup '06? Got a few votes is favor of this, and it sounds 2cool and 360tuna all around OK, IMHO.

Need a piggy perch bait run the day before and the morning of the trip, if those that can make it will do it. AJ/Snapper candy there.

T-shirts- post up if you want t-shirts, how many, size, and long or short. This is a influence from Cinco Tuna, ut if the group wants it, post up and we'l get it done.

We've got several sponsors interested in providing stuff already, one local(Texas), and two international in exchange for exposure.

Pre-trip meal- if any of the group wants to meet the night before, they'll need a place and a time to meet in Freeport. We know a lot of folks are houston area, but if the out of towners will be staying over night, then the group could have dinner and meet everyone that shows up.

Comments on these things or anything else?

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I am in favor of meals being provided, but will go the the flow on that. Either way, I am not going to lose any weight on this trip. The new name sounds kewl, again, going with the flow. I will take at least 6 shirts, 3x or 4x if you can get them. I would also pay to have black salties shipped in, if there were a freshwater livewell or a barrel(s) to put them in. If nothing else, a couple of large ice chests and a couple of bubblers would work. I have both.

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T-shirts yes
1 long sleeve, 1 short both lg
Piggy perch, I'll be there early am so I'll do some of that.

Name is good

Thanks for all of your effort Willie,

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OK, everyone, I have talked with TOO and accepted to be charter chief unless anyone objects or has already taken the spot. I am looking forward to ironing out all the details so everyone can have a great time. I am looking for ideas for the trip to make it the most exciting, safe, productive, enjoyable, and educational trip ever. Here are a few ideas that I have quickly thought of. (I will plan a longer post tomorrow when I can open a drink to help pass the time of a long post).

1. When I was on the Shogun 2 years ago, they had an instruction lecture and showed a tuna fishing video. I felt these were very helpful. I may have one of their videos. I think it would be great to have an instructional session in the galley for all interested when the boat leaves port. We could have presentations on rigging, top waters, chunking, fighting fish, live bait, casting, etc. and a show and tell. We can also go over accepted etiquette on how we want to communicate when someone is fighting a fish, we can let everyone know to call out before they cast, etc, etc. I do not want to see as many fish lost on this trip to tangles, the anchor, and the bottom of the Big E as on trips of old. Personally, IMO, if you have a YFT or some other beast on the end of your line, you should have the right to the corner of the boat to fight the fish with a deckhand nearby to help you. Deckhands should also be by the bow (or another fishermen if they are too busy) to help anyone get around the pulpit and anchor. More later.

2. I am not sure if we are going to have a catered hot food option. I am all for this and the previous offer, IMO, was a steal for the fishermen. I would love to have hot food prepared for me and all I have to do is bring a cooler of drinks and junkfood.

3. A trial of new fishing techniques including kite fishing and deep drops. I would love to arrange deep water drifts for swordies if people feel it would possibly be productive. This would affect the way the whole boat would fish and perhaps we could arrange this to minimizing the affect on those not participating. I need ideas on this. Man, to boat a swordie sure would be neat. Perhaps about 10 lines off the bow half of the drift side would work while the rest fish off the stern/popper/kite side.

4. A concensus on what is allowed and not allowed in the galley and what is stored on top. I would have to run this by the captain.

5. Ideas on how to best handle the fish as we get into port. I hate the burlap bag methods that Captain Elliots have used in the past. I hope they would be open to transporting all dead fish off the boat for us. Also, all fish need to be placed on ice immediately.

6. Supply of live bait.

7. One thing, I have absolutely no plans to be involved in handling any money on this trip except perhaps the tip for the deckhands. TOO will do a very good job handling the rest of the payments and securing the trip. He has all my trust and, IMO, his service is greatly appreciated and well worth it. I do not work for him, nor am I receiving anything for being the charter chief. Please plan a 10-15+% deckhand tip unless you think their service was poor. If everyone prefers having the deckhands collect the tip, then that would be fine with me.

I will post more later. These are just some thoughts on how to make the trip one of the best ever. Lets think of some great ideas and make this trip unforgetable.
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