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Took a day a vacation today and took my two youngest boys to the sand. We arrived at daylight with high expectations. As the sun came up it revealed the sweetest looking water I've seen a long while, flat, green, and evidence of bait and fish all around. We threw some arti's for a while with no luck. Just as I headed to the truck to get us rigged for some live bait I decided to throw one more time, as soon as the ripples settled something made a big pass at it (I'm thinking Jack), about halfway in my bait went airborn amidst a fierce attack, the fish came out of the water about two feet and it was a bonita, I've never seen one in the surf on the upper coast before. Got us rigged to throw some finger mullet and went at it again. I think we were in the middle of a Blacktip farm, nothing else had a chance. Some guys next to us were catching some specks on croaker, about 3:1 BT's to specks. Finally set out the long rods and if it was not small BT's it was crabs, had to rebait every 15 minutes (that's a workout). Saw stingrays all day long, small and not small, cownose and southern, chased a couple down the beach and castnetted both of them (cownose). My youngest then managed about a 25lb jack (his first) on his surf rod. No yakked baits today. Not exactly what we were hoping for but did have a good time with the boys and boxed some great bait for upcoming shark trips.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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