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2006 Skeeter Cookoff "2nd Place Brisket"
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frankd said:
there probably wont be another run like the one in years past....they end up on a potlickers hooks!!!
It's legal in the state of Texas, it's fun for kiddo's to get an easy bite, and croaks work dang well.... Sorry gang, but I use um when I'm taking a novice, woman, or kids... Or when I have an empty freezer....I agree that the bycatch from shrimpers is prolly not the best thing for our bays, while it ain't any worse than a tugboat pumping out an oily bilge( which we have a gozillion tugs and ships in the Galveston bay complex) but until shrimping is outlawed why not make the best of it.......I do what I can to help our bays and enviroment sustain, recycle mono, don't pump bilge unless necessary, pick up a floating alum can when I see one, and work the crab trap clean up.... But, I do not consider myself a POTLICKER for using live bait.... When a boat pulls up close enough to you when you are on a nice slick with birds working and fish biting, and is close enough that you can smell that he didn't take a shower that morning or the nite before, then by all means scream out POTLICKER....... Or shoot em...... LOL

This reply is not intended to degrade anyone or any orginazation, It's just my opinion.... And I have Ok'ed it.... LOL.... Now open another beer
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