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Cozumel Charter Advice

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Have any of you hardcore fisherman fished the waters around the island of Cozumel. Who can you recommend? I am going in June with the new wifey for 1st aniv. She is a billfishing nut. I want to see her catch some nice fish. Thanks guys and gals.
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Cozumel Charter

Sight Cast,
I went to Cozumel in May and caught a 150kilo Blue with El Dorado Charters. It cost 350 american for all day. The web address is www.eldoradocozumel.com. Ask for Tony and Roman for your crew. I have pictures of my fish but I don't know how to post them. I released my marlin.

email me for more info.
Joe Perry
Hey when

are you going? We are going on a cruise from Gal. to Key West, Grand Caymen, and Cozemel. Leaving the 13th and returning the 20th. Fishing Cozemel on the 18th on Albetros charters. They run 40' specially designed fishing boats for 4 people half day trip its $420.Can't wait just 2 more weeks. I found Albetros buy searching Cozemel fishing charters. Good luck!!:cheers: :cheers:

Are you Bama? Anyway, my wife(Sherry) posted that picture over there. That's my fish! That's the story.

Joe Perry
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