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Hit the coves behind GISP yesterday evening. Water was slightly off color. Visibility between 1-2 ft. Wind wasn't too bad...10-15 mph outta S/SE. Lots of floating grass. The use of weedless jig heads was a good idea. Paddled out to Dana Cove and found lots of bait splashing around. Saw numerous tailing reds..still a beautiful sight!! I threw lots of arties trying to find THE ONE but I should have checked the tackle box before leaving for the trip. I left the gold spoon at the house....yeah I know, dumb mistake. i thought I left it in there from my last trip. Anyway...had I brought the spoon, I might have been able to land one of those red beauties. I did have a 100% hookup to fish ratio though. The only bite I got..I landed a 15" speck on a liquid shrimp ttk jr. He was released to be caught another day. I saw a couple of kayakers out there and several waders fishing behind the park. All in all..it was nice to see a sunset over the bay for a change instead of the sun rise. That place looks to be a good spot for AM fishing.

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Spinner Baits

Just for kicks you might want to try and throw a spinner bait at the Reds when they wont hit anything else.
It works for us down in the cane rushes around Venice La.
Down there you can find spinner baits designed especially for reds. They're made of titanium.
The reds will destroy a regular fresh water spinner bait.
The trick is to try to get the lure to ride on top of the water like a crab swimming by.
Works well in very shallow water also.
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