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For more pictures, check out the website at sailfishquepos.com

January 2

Good day offshore today. We got 3 Sailfish, a Dorado, and 5 YellowFin Tunas. Pretty exciting day to say the least. We also had a bunch of bites so all day was nonstop action. We also got a chance to break out our spinning reels today, which made for some awesome fish fights! I got some awesome video of Rudy grabbing one of the bills .

December 24

Went inshore today and boy were the fish out. The day started out slow with only a barracuda, jack and a Roosterfish before 11. Good for some guys, but we like action. So we packed up and went to one of our "secret spots"! There is a place near a river mouth here, where with the right moon and right tide, there is a pool full of RoosterFish. Not small ones either, but big one after big one! So, we went out there and for the rest of the day reeled in Roosterfish after Roosterfish. I think we finished with 13 nice Roosterfish. We would have gotten more, but we only had one customer reeling so it was an action packed and aweomse day. Here's some pictures! Also, just a quick update on the rest of the month we've been having. I don't get to write these after every trip because I am the captain, boat administrator, and website guy, so here is the recap... Offshore the Dorado have been crazy with lots of days in the double digits. We are getting almost a sailfish per trip, and by the end of the month we should be in 3-4 sails per trip. Expect more exciting fishing January and February where we often get double digit sails per day.

December 22

Great day fishing offshore today. We got 12 nice Dorado in the boat today and had many more bites and nibbles. Almost every hook up was a double also, as we had Rudy standing on the transom of the boat after every hook up casting on the Dorado's friends! I think he has a laser sight on the reel, he hit three or four of the Dorado directly in the head with bait at 20-40 yards, so they weren't even biting it out of hunger but anger! It is also a ton of fun hitting the Dorado on the smaller saltwater spinning rod that Rudy uses. There is nothing better to an angler than a huge fish on a small reel! Big Big battles! Here's what the customer wrote me after the trip:

Capt. John,

Thank you so much for a great day of fishing. That having been my wife's first time deep sea fishing it could not have gone any better. The fact that she was too tired to reel in any more fish after the first two worked out great for me, although my arms were a little sore after as well. It couldn't have been easier to walk onto your boat from the dock without breaking stride and to be fishing within the hour.
It was a blast fishing with you and Rudy, especially seeing Rudy get just as excited about a bite as I was. We would happy to recommend you to anyone visiting the area.
Great fishing, good food, a comfortable ride, and fantastic day on the water. Thanks again and we'll be calling as soon as we book our next trip.
Sincerely, Tommy and Allison

Rudy, the mate, has been a super addition to the team here, he misses almost no fish, can hit a fish with bait at 50 yards with a spinning reel, and has mad bait net casting skills. While other boats are using bait reels to pull out one bait at a time while their clients are waiting (usually hoping for 15), we net 50 in two throws and head out to get some fish. That extra 30 minutes almost always gets us another big fish! With bait to spare, we only use very fresh lively baits and use the rest for chum!

December 19

Super exciting inshore trip today! We ended up with 20 RoosterFish and 3 Jacks! All the pictures above are different fish! With the rain finally subsiding here, and the dry season beginning, we are getting the nice blue water right up to Quepos! We just reeled in fish after fish. We even had to take a 30 minute break at 1pm to let everybody recover. The best was the last though. It was 4 in the afternoon, so we went into one more fish mode. Then we hooked the biggest meanest toughest fish of the day. The reel went off and we had no idea what it was but the fight was on! After a full 35 minutes we finally pulled up this medium sized Jack! We all had a little laugh because we were thinking something bigger and better, but figured that we might as well get a picture of it after all that fight. So we pull it in the boat, and thinking the fish is ready to have his picture taken, Kyle holds the fish up while his girlfriend starts shooting the picture. Right at that very moment, the fish rears his head back and head butts Kyle right in the chin! After we were sure he was alright, we all had a serious laugh. Talk about a fish who doesn't like to lose a fight! The best part is she shot the picture right after the headbutt so below you can find the action shot! You can see he is about to say "family" but don't worry, the fish pops him again before he can finish!

December 9 - 18

Fishing has been great, but I've been too busy to post! I'm trying to do catch up now. Offshore we have been getting lots of Dorado, with doubles and triples being very common and ten per trip not uncommon. Above is a picture of four at a time! We have also been getting at least 3 Yellow Fin Tunas per trip, often more. Also, the sails are finally here. We are getting quite a few sail bites per day. It is so exciting seeing the sails dance around after a hookup. Today (18th), we actually teased the sailfish all the way up until it touched the boat and then Harrold (Rudy is on Christmas break until the 20th) put the bait in its mouth from the pitch pole and then the fight was on! It was quite an exciting day! Here's some pictures. My camera was out of batteries for the last couple of trips, but these are some of the pictures I got before it shut off!

December 4 - 7

Fishing is definitely heating up as we are finally getting into our prime fishing season! We have been averaging 7+ Dorado and usually a sail each trip offshore! Inshore has been great too, with us getting three roosterfish and a small grouper in just a half day! Look at this Rooster, it is enormous! As we get closer to January, we will start seeing more and more sails until we finally get into the 10+ sails a day by mid-January! Here are some pictures from today and the last couple of days.

November 16

Had a really good offshore day today. Our customers wanted to catch meat to bring home, so we went out looking for a nice blue water trash line. We quickly found a good current and then just started pulling out the fish. We had a couple double hook ups, a couple triple hook ups, and then finaly a 5 hook up. Since there were only two customers, they would just reel until the fish was near the boat and then the mate would hand them another reel and they would go again. We had Rudy casting out near the fish that were coming in when there was only one fish on and that alost guaranteed an additional hook up everytime. At the end of the day, we hit this huge bull Dorado and even though we got him on a Tiagra 50, it still took 51 minutes with an experienced angler to get him on board! Ended up being a great day. Since we fished two more days with the same guys, we also got them some more Dorado, Yellow fin Tuna, Spanish mackeral, Makeral Tuna, and Wahoo. They got a great taste of all the fish we offer here in Costa Rica! Take note that all the fish in the picutres are different fish and if there are five fish in the picture or three, they were all caught at the same time!

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