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Well with the end of another rainy season, Its time to put the ol umbrella in mothballs and polish up you shades..........Down at the Los Sueños Resort and Marina home of world class sportfishing we find Capt Walton chomping at the bit and ready to fish........ his report goes like this

11-13-09 We find the Tom Regner group on board Sunny One and they steam in after hooking up 2 Red Snappers and 13 Cabrillos

11-14-09 Mr. Jim Stewart one of our Condo owners ships out with Sunny and has one great day returning with a "PopeyeArm" after landing 3 Sails 7 Yellow Fin Tuna and 7 Dinner Dorado Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-15-09 Mr, Tom Regner group cant get enough and head out again returning with 3 Sails and 7 Cubera Snappers............

Nov. shaping up nicely..... Remember to check out the forum and our Web as we are always updating and looking for ways to HOOK you up!!!!

As the snow starts up north were sitting under a Palm tree on the beach in 80 degree blue sky dreams. Sooooooooooo come on down...

Until next time Give your kids a hug its free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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