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Need to start saving my pennies...

Avet SX 2 Speed!
Big power, small size! They've been talking about building this one for a couple years, and they finally did! A little SX that's on steroids! Yep, two-speeds, tiny size, machined aluminum, 6+2 bearings, all sorts of freespool, carbon fiber drags, new ergonomic handle, updated lever...incredible and unique. The new SX is certainly not for everyone, it's not inexpensive and it's not what most folks will use for taming huge fish. But, you've got to appreciate what they've been able to accomplish on such a small reel. I can see a lot of reasons to possess one of these little guys. Chief among them is that you've got speed when you need it and power when you need it too! There is also a certain joy that comes from owning such a nifty piece of engineering, as well.
Specs are the same as for the standard SX, weight is really not effected to any great degree, line capacity is no different. Specs are posted on our Avet page.
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