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converting old music cassettes to cd's or harddrive

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anyone actually tried it ?

i have an old 2 cd player that has the auto loop feature and was wondering what software to clean up the pops and converting the 2 rca cables into a new single plug ? i understand it is the 2 audio outs to the mic in, but has anyone here actually tried it ?
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ok thanks,

i just bought another dual rca out to mic in adapter, will try that and see what program it kicks off in the computer to play/edit with.

i'm hoping i have something in apple software or a music editor already installed.
these are cassettes, i must have a hundred and some are not avail anymore i'm guessing.

A buddy has a brand new record player with a usb factory insatalled end that works great for vinyl
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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