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converting old music cassettes to cd's or harddrive

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anyone actually tried it ?

i have an old 2 cd player that has the auto loop feature and was wondering what software to clean up the pops and converting the 2 rca cables into a new single plug ? i understand it is the 2 audio outs to the mic in, but has anyone here actually tried it ?
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I have done records. First thing you need is a sound card with the rca input. I can do records, tapes anything with a rca connector
I was using Cool Edit Pro but don't think you can buy it now. I think or heard that Adobe bought it, maybe that's what Adobe Auditions is, I'm not sure
if not, then download some demos and put them in a desktop folder...find one you like then go for the paid version. Some are easy to work with, others do a really good job...but not so easy LOL Your quality will never be DVD or CD quality but you can get real close. One thing I did was wipe down the LP's with cleaning solution and a soft cloth first, this takes some noise/pops out
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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