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Just got home after passing several crews trimming the streets thru rosenberg

APPARENTLY they are contracted by the elect co only, because everywhere they cut, they skipped all the lines below the elect svc. to trim..................so they went around limbs to only top the trees........hmmmmm

it's pretty comical looking to watch them work, don't you think since you are already there you would cut all the limbs ????????????

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No....not really. If you think of it this way, it may make a little more sense.

You enter into a contract with someone to was their sub-compact car for $20. On the day that you show up to wash it, there happens to be a big ol muddy F350 King Cab parked right next to it in the driveway. Would you just go ahead and wash em both for the same $20?

Not slammin you, just offerin up my .02 on the subject.

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