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Well, where did all the big Huevos Come From? As most of my friends know, I went on a job interview back in the later part of July. You may remember I told you it went well. Three days after I returned, I called ol' George B. (former fellow co-worker from days gone by and present QA manager at Duratek in Oak Ridge) and he said "I think you got the job...." Well much time passes and I remain patient as Job and call to touch base from time to time just to find out: "There hasn't been any decision made...." each of the four times I called. Meanwhile, I pass up two short term temporary jobs at other sites that could have kept me employed where upon completion would have brought in about $70,000.

IrraIrragardless, if I wouldn't have called Duratek last week to find out the job had been put "on-hold," I would have never found out at all. About fifteen (15) minutes ago I hit the (send) button E-Mailing the v.p. a "well managed" message (firm but not vulgar) reading him the riot act regarding the biblically monsterous level of unprofessionalism for not at least having a minute consideration in not keeping me appriased of the status of this hiring decision. I also stated "I am partly to blame, as I should have known better to have never ever had any dealings with George B. in any way, shape or form, etc., etc." Implying, of course, the truth as to his real allegiance....to himself, etc. I told the v.p. to see that my resume finds its way into the proper shreading machine. Best Regards, CF?

Anyway whatever happens I still have several other irons in the fire. I feel like the good torpedoeman that I am having launched two dead-on amidships.....now so long as the d___ things don't turn around and head back in my direction! LOL! CF? :question:
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Allright, which dialect is correct?

Walkin' Jack said:
Bill, that is correct. It means exactly that. :)

Bandman, could it just be a different dialect? :p :D Example: I ain't a gonna have me no pie/I shall have no pie.
The way I learned it was: illegitami non carborundum

But then I learned it from someone from deep east Texas, but he did have a PHD in Quantum Physics...and smoked funny cigarettes...and drank wine all the time...(sigh)... nevermind!
Clarinet, here!

Badhabit said:
2 Cool, I played sax in HS too, started with alto in JH, then switched to tenor in HS......Marching band and the whole nine yards, even UIL contest.... Thought I was Boots Randolf...LMAO
Thought I was Pete Fountain! LOL! Bet I couldn't hit a lick with it now. Besides I saw the price of reeds the other day. I used to use them for dentil floss!~
Can't take credit...

pelican said:
Rick ... luv the new? tag line.

Heard a caller say it on an AM talk show the other day. But he gave carte blanche to any one that wanted to use it. Hand me the ball, and I'll run with it! LOL!
I agree, I think?...

bill said:
I made some attempts with a guitar, I play air guitar as well as anyone but I did learn language.
Of your cool rod racks I say this:
Materiam superabat opus
The workmanship surpassed the subject matter. (Simply 2cool)

OK, I have drawn a blank on some verse but my wife just said to me
Difficile est tenere quae acceperis nisi exerceas
It is difficult to retain what you may have learned unless you should practice it. So she is a smart arse and let's me know it...LOL Heck, for all I know my spelling is so bad who knows what I wrote.
Ergo Sum? LOL! I have to admit I got out of Latin as soon as I figured out what it was all about. But it's the root, right? Thanks for the compliment, and well expressed, I might add! Your wife is very wise! Enough of this! LOL!

bill said:
My family is part of the Seminole tribe, and I can not speak the languge, my father was not tought the language because when he was a child English was stressed. The language is not written and it will not be long before I fear is gone forever, even though the language is trying to be brought into the school system in OK.
That seems to me to be very important. It may be my age, but we are losing too many contacts with our personal history. I agree that we should all be fluent in english in this country, but should not lose the first. The nuances are too important.
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