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C.P.R. recognition for Medulla762 !!!!

I had read a post the other day, on the net, where someone had posted that they had C.P.R.ed some big trophy catfish. One person that responded to that post thought, that meant " giving chest thumps" on a fish.

C.P.R, which is an acronym for Catch, Photograph and Release, is becoming more and more common place with Fishermen these days, as they see the importance of preserving those big trophy catfish.

Some of you already know Medulla762, and the OUTDOORS MAN that he is. When I first met Medulla, I thought to myself, I love to fish, but this man takes it to another level. He can be on the coast in salt water, fishing that morning, catch a nap, and stay up all night, fishing on a lake.

Medulla displays a sincere and earnest appreciation of the Outdoors, from fishing to duck hunting.

I have had to opportunity to fish with Medulla on several occasions, and he always, displayed the same demeanor. He is always conscious of staying within bag limits, possession limits, and size limits, and I have never seen him fudge. He is one Fisherman that leads by example.

Back in the early spring, I was with Medulla, as we got one of those big trophy catfish in the boat. Medulla had taken to utmost care in handling that fish so it would not harm itself. He even took wet towels and covered it's eyes and body up, until we were able to release it back into the water.

On many many occasions I have seen or read where Medulla actively practices C.P.R.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has a catch and Release Awards program, that gives Anglers special recognition for "live release of trophy class fish"

Medulla /Joe, has caught numerous trophy size fish, that could have easily met the criteria for this program in the past.

This past Saturday night, was no exception, once again Medulla got 3 more trophy class catfish out of Lake Conroe. But this time it had a little twist. Two of these fish met the criteria for the T.P.W.D program.

The applications were accomplished and he should soon get official
recognition for his due diligence, in practicing C.P.R.

Joe, as always it is a pleasure to go fishing with you.
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