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Had a great day fishing with my son today.Meet this guy at the dock this morning. I do not think he was happy we were there. Or he was wanting a hand out.

Had the pleasure of meeting Crappietracker and dpiper on the water today. I'm glad we got to meet and talk some about the condo party. Oh ya and catch some fish.

Fish did not start biting good till about 9:30 caught 28 with 23 keepers. Water temp was 49 to 51. Caught all the fish in 34' on the bottom on minnows.

Went back out with my younger son and hit some brush piles no luck there. He was not liking the cold so we headed back in.

Sorry I did not take my camera when I went to clean the fish. Took one pic of the big fish of the day post cleaning. Sorry you will have to judge it size by the 5 gal bucket she is a big girl.
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